De complete cast & crew van Buffy

Directed by
Daniel Attias   (episodes 5.08 "Shadow", 5.14 "Crush")
Reza Badiyi   (episode 1.11 "Out Of Mind, Out Of Sight")
Scott Brazil   (episode 1.07 "Angel")
James A. Contner   (episodes 2.16 "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered", 3.03 "Faith, Hope & Trick", 3.07 "Revelations", 3.12 "Helpless", 3.19 "Choices", 4.03 "Harsh Light Of Day, The", 4.07 "Initiative, The", 4.11 "Doomed", 4.13 "I In Team, The", 4.19 "New Moon Rising", 4.21 "Primeval", 5.03 "Replacement, The", 5.15 "I Was Made To Love You", 5.20 "Spiral")
Stephen Cragg   (episode 1.03 "Witch, The")
Tucker Gates   (episode 4.04 "Fear, Itself")
Michael Gershman   (episodes 2.17 "Passion", 3.15 "Consequences", 4.12 "A New Man", 4.15 "This Year's Girl", 5.13 "Blood Ties", 5.18 "Intervention")
Bruce Seth Green   (episodes 1.04 "Teacher's Pet", 1.06 "Pack, The", 1.10 "Nightmares", 2.02 "Some Assembly Required", 2.06 "Halloween", 2.08 "Dark Age, The", 2.11 "Ted", 2.15 "Phases")
David Greenwalt   (episodes 2.05 "Reptile Boy", 2.12 "Bad Eggs", 3.05 "Homecoming", 3.09 "The Wish")
David Grossman (III)   (episodes 3.17 "Enemies", 4.02 "Living Conditions", 4.06 "Wild At Heart", 4.17 "Superstar", 4.20 "Yoko Factor, The", 5.02 "Real Me", 5.04 "Out Of My Mind", 5.19 "Tough Love", 6.01 "Bargaining, Part I", 6.02 "Bargaining, Part II")
Christopher Hibler   (episode 5.11 "Triangle")
Regis Kimble   (episode 3.18 "Earshot")
John T. Kretchmer   (episodes 1.02 "Harvest, The", 2.03 "School Hard")
Michael Lange (I)   (episodes 2.13 "Surprise", 3.06 "Band Candy", 3.14 "Bad Girls", 4.08 "Pangs")
Nick Marck   (episodes 4.09 "Something Blue", 5.07 "Fool For Love", 5.12 "Checkpoint")
Marti Noxon   (episodes 5.10 "Into the Woods", 5.17 "Forever")
Douglas Petrie (I)   (episode 6.04 "Flooded")
Stephen L. Posey   (episode 1.08 "I Robot, You Jane")
Ellen S. Pressman   (episodes 1.09 "Puppet Show, The", 2.04 "Inca Mummy Girl")
Jeff Pruitt   (second unit director)
Deran Sarafian   (episode 1.18 "Killed By Death")
David Semel   (episodes 1.05 "Never Kill A Boy On The First Date", 2.10 "What's My Line?, Part Two", 2.20 "Go Fish", 3.08 "Lover's Walk")
Charles Martin Smith   (episode 1.01 "Welcome To The Hellmouth")
David Solomon (II)   (episodes 2.09 "What's My Line?, Part One", 3.20 "Prom, The", 4.05 "Beer Bad", 4.14 "Goodbye Iowa", 4.18 "Where The Wild Things Are", 5.01 "Buffy vs. Dracula", 5.05 "No Place Like Home", 5.09 "Listening To Fear", 5.21 "Weight Of The World, The", 6.03 "After Life")
Joss Whedon   (episodes 1.12 "Prophecy Girl", 2.01 "When She Was Bad", 2.07 "Lie to Me", 2.14 "Innocence", 2.21 "Becoming, Part I", 2.22 "Becoming, Part II", 3.01 "Anne", 3.10 "Amends", 3.16 "Doppelgängland", 3.21 "Graduation Day, Part I", 3.22 "Graduation Day, Part II", 4.01 "Freshman, The", 4.10 "Hush", 4.16 "Who Are You", 4.22 "Restless", 5.06 "Family", 5.16 "Body, The", 5.22 "Gift, The")
James Whitmore Jr.   (episodes 2.19 "I Only Have Eyes For You", 3.02 "Dead Man's Party", 3.04 "Beauty And The Beasts", 3.11 "Gingerbread", 3.13 "Zeppo, The")
Writing credits (in credits order)
Dean Batali   (co-writer) (episode 1.05 "Never kill a Boy on the First Date", 1.09 "Puppet Show, The", 2.08 "Dark Age, The", 2.15 "Phases", 2.18 "Killed by Death")
Steven S. DeKnight   (writer) (episode 5.13 "Blood Ties", episode 5.20 "Spiral")
Rob Des Hotel   (co-writer) (episode 1.05 "Never kill a Boy on the First Date", 1.09 "Puppet Show, The", 2.08 "Dark Age, The", 2.15 "Phases", 2.18 "Killed by Death")
Carl Ellsworth   (writer) (episode 2.06 "Halloween")
Jane Espenson   (teleplay) (episode 3.11 "Gingerbread")
Jane Espenson   (episodes 4.11 "Doomed", 5.12 "Checkpoint", 6.04 "Flooded")
Jane Espenson   (writer) (episodes 3.06 "Band Candy", 3.18 "Earshot", 4.03 "The Harsh Light of Day", 4.08 "Pangs", 4.12 "New Man, A", 4.17 "Superstar", 5.03 "Replacement, The", 5.11 "Triangle", 5.15 "I Was Made to Love You", 5.18 "Intervention", 6.03 "After Life")
Jane Espenson   (story) (episode 3.11 "Gingerbread")
Tracey Forbes   (writer) (episodes 4.05 "Beer Bad", 4.09 "Something Blue", 4.18 "Where the Wild Things Are")
David Fury   (writer) (episodes 3.12 "Helpless", 3.19 "Choices", 4.04 "Fear, Itself", 4.13 "I in Team, The", 4.21 "Primeval", 5.02 "Real Me", 5.08 "Shadow", 5.14 "Crush", 6.02 "Bargaining, Part II")
David Fury   (episodes 2.20 "Go Fish", 4.11 "Doomed")
Ashley Gable   (co-writer) (episode 1.08 "I, Robot - You Jane")
Ashley Gable   (teleplay) (episode 1.11 "Out of Mind, Out of Sight")
Howard Gordon (I)   (episode 2.09 "What's my Line?, Part I")
Drew Z. Greenberg   (writer)
David Greenwalt   (writer) (episodes 1.04 "Teacher's Pet", 1.07 "Angel", 2.05 "Reptile Boy", 2.11 "Ted", 3.03 "Faith, Hope & Trick", 3.05 "Homecoming")
David Greenwalt   (teleplay) (episodes 1.10 "Nightmares", 2.03 "School Hard")
Elin Hampton   (co-writer) (episode 2.20 "Go Fish")
Matt Kiene   (co-writer) (episode 1.06 "Pack, The", 2.04 "Inca Mummy Girl")
Ty King   (writer) (episodes 2.02 "Some Assembly Required", 2.17 "Passion")
Rebecca Kirshner   (writer) (episode 5.04 "Out of my Mind", 5.09 "Listening to Fear", 5.19 "Tough Love")
Marti Noxon   (co-writer) (episodes 2.09 "What's my Line?, Part I", 4.11 "Doomed")
Marti Noxon   (writer) (episodes 2.10 "What's my Line?, Part II", 2.12 "Bad Eggs", 2.13 "Surprise", 2.16 "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered", 2.19 "I Only Have Eyes For You", 3.02 "Dead Man's Party", 3.04 "Beauty and the Beasts", 3.09 "The Wish", 3.15 "Consequences", 3.20 "The Prom", 4.02 "Living Conditions", 4.06 "Wild at Heart", 4.14 "Goodbye Iowa", 4.19 "New Moon Rising", 5.01 "Buffy vs. Dracula", 5.10 "Into the Woods", 5.17 "Forever", 6.01 "Bargaining, Part I")
Douglas Petrie (I)   (episodes 5.12 "Checkpoint", 6.04 "Flooded")
Douglas Petrie (I)   (writer) (episodes 3.07 "Revelations", 3.14 "Bad Girls", 3.17 "Enemies", 4.07 "Initiative, The", 4.15 "This Year's Girl", 4.20 "Yoko Factor, The", 5.05 "No Place Like Home", 5.07 "Fool for Love", 5.21 "Weight of the World, The")
Joe Reinkemeyer   (co-writer) (episode 1.06 "Pack, The", 2.04 "Inca Mummy Girl")
Dana Reston   (writer) (episode 1.03 "Witch, The")
Thania St. John   (story) (episode 3.11 "Gingerbread")
Thomas A. Swyden   (co-writer) (episode 1.08 "I, Robot - You Jane")
Thomas A. Swyden   (teleplay) (episode 1.11 "Out of Mind, Out of Sight")
Dan Vebber   (writer) (episodes 3.08 "Lover's Walk", 3.13 "Zeppo, The")
Joss Whedon   (writer) (episodes 1.01 "Welcome to the Hellmouth", 1.02 "Harvest, The", 1.12 "Prophecy Girl", 2.01 "When She Was Bad", 2.07 "Lie to Me", 2.11 "Ted", 2.14 "Innocence", 2.21 "Becoming, Part I", 2.22 "Becoming, Part II", 3.01 "Anne", 3.10 "Amends", 3.16 "Doppelgangland", 3.21 "Graduation Day, Part I", 3.22 "Graduation Day, Part II", 4.01 "Freshman, The", 4.10 "Hush", 4.16 "Who are You", 4.22 "Restless", 5.06 "Family", 5.16 "Body, The", 5.22 "Gift, The")
Joss Whedon   (story) (episodes 1.10 "Nightmares", 1.11 "Out of Mind, Out of Sight", 2.03 "School Hard")
Joss Whedon   (creator)
Cast (in credits order)
Sarah Michelle Gellar .... Buffy Summers
Nicholas Brendon .... Xander Harris
Alyson Hannigan .... Willow Rosenberg
Anthony Head .... Rupert Giles (1997-2001) (as Anthony Stewart Head)
Emma Caulfield .... Anya Emerson/Anyaka (1999- )
Michelle Trachtenberg .... Dawn Summers/The Key (2000- )
James Marsters .... Spike/William the Bloody (1997-1998, 1999- )
Seth Green .... Oz Osborne (1998-1999)
David Boreanaz .... Angel (1997-1999)
Charisma Carpenter .... Cordelia Chase (1997-1999)
Eliza Dushku .... Faith the Vampire Slayer (1998-1999, 2000)
Marc Blucas .... Riley Finn (1999-2000)
Amber Benson .... Tara Maclay (1999- )
Kristine Sutherland .... Joyce Summers (1997-2001)
Alexis Denisof .... Wesley Wyndham-Price (1999)
Danny Strong .... Jonathan Levinson (1997- )
rest of cast listed alphabetically
Adam Busch .... Warren (2001-)
Thomas Lenk .... Andrew (2001-) (as Tom Lenk)
Produced by
Marc D. Alpert   (co-producer: 2000-2001)
Gail Berman   (executive producer)
James A. Contner   (co-producer: 1999-2000)
Gareth Davies (I)   (producer)
Jane Espenson   (co-producer: 1999-2000) (producer: 2000-2001)
David Fury   (producer: 1999-2000) (supervising producer: 2000-2001)
Sandy Gallin   (executive producer)
Howard Gordon (I)   (consulting producer: 1997)
David Greenwalt   (co-executive producer: 1997-1998) (consulting producer: 1999-) (executive producer: 1998-1999)
Fran Rubel Kuzui   (executive producer)
Kaz Kuzui   (executive producer)
Gary Law (I)   (co-producer: season 2)
Kelly A. Manners   (co-producer)
Marti Noxon   (co-executive producer: 2000-2001) (co-producer: 1998-1999) (supervising producer: 1999-2000)
John F. Perry   (co-producer: 2000-2001)
Douglas Petrie (I)   (co-producer: 2000-2001)
David Solomon (II)   (co-producer)
Joss Whedon   (executive producer)
Original music by
Christophe Beck   (1997-2000)
Shawn K. Clement  
Nerf Herder   (main title theme)
Alex Kharlamov   (additional music)
Walter Murphy  
Sean Murray (II)  
Thomas Wanker   (season 5)
Kathleen Wilhoite  
Cinematography by
Michael Gershman  
Raymond Stella  
Kenneth D. Zunder  
Film Editing by
Peter Basinski  
Tammis Chandler  
Regis Kimble  
Skip MacDonald  
Kimberly Ray  
Geoffrey Rowland  
Skip Schoolnik  
Casting by
Anya Colloff   (1999-)
Jennifer Fishman   (1999-)
Amy McIntyre Britt   (as Amy Britt)
Marcia Shulman   (1997-1998)
Production Design by
Steve Hardie  
Carey Meyer  
Set Decoration by
Kelly Donovan  
David A. Koneff  
Costume Design by
Cynthia Bergstrom  
Eileen A. Dunn  
Susanna Puisto  
Makeup Department
Suzan Bagdadi .... hair stylist
Jeri Baker .... head hair stylist
Robin Beauchesne .... makeup artist (episode "Surprise/Innocence")
Michael F. Blake .... makeup artist (episode "Surprise/Innocence")
Rick Bongiovanni .... special makeup effects artist (uncredited)
Alan Friedman (II) .... makeup artist (episode "Surprise/Innocence")
Tom Irvin .... special make-up effects artist: Optic Nerve Studios (uncredited)
Dayne Johnson .... makeup artist (episode "Surprise/Innocence")
Dugg Kirkpatrick .... hair stylist
Margie Latinopoulos .... makeup artist (episode "Surprise/Innocence")
John Maldonado .... makeup artist (episode "Surprise/Innocence")
Todd McIntosh .... head makeup artist (1997-)
Brigette A. Myre .... makeup artist (episode "Surprise/Innocence")
Gerald Quist .... makeup artist (episode "Surprise/Innocence")
Craig Reardon (I) .... makeup artist (episode "Surprise/Innocence")
Susan Carol Schwary .... hair stylist
Francine Shermaine .... hair stylist
Mark Shostrom .... makeup artist (episode "Surprise/Innocence")
John Vulich .... special makeup effects supervisor
John Wheaton .... makeup artist (episode "Surprise/Innocence")
Production Management
Gary Law (I) .... unit production manager: season 2
John F. Perry .... production manager
Second Unit Director or Assistant Director
John P. Aguirre .... second assistant director
Ted Arlauskas .... dga trainee
Michael Cedar .... first assistant director (2000)
Algric Leo Chaplin .... second second assistant director
Kenneth D. Collins .... first assistant director
David D'Ovidio .... first assistant director
Mark Hansson .... second assistant director
Brenda Kalosh .... first assistant director
Stephen Messer .... second assistant director
Robert D. Nellans .... first assistant director
Maggie Parker .... first assistant director
Kevin Roy (I) .... second second assistant director: second unit
Alan Steinman .... assistant director
Art Department
Gustav Gustafson (II) .... lead man
Caroline Quinn (I) .... set designer
Daniel Turk .... construction coordinator
Ken Wilson (IV) .... property master
Sound Department
Deb Adair .... foley mixer
David Beres (I) .... utility sound / cableman
Fernand Bos .... music editor
Kevin Patrick Burns .... sound re-recording mixer
supervising sound editor
Juan Cisneros .... second boom operator
utility sound technician: second unit
Don Digirolamo .... sound re-recording mixer
Robert Eber .... production sound mixer
Jim Fitzpatrick (I) .... sound re-recording mixer
Kurt Kassulke .... sound re-recording mixer
Andrew I. King .... sound effects editor
David Kirschner (II) .... production sound mixer
Christian P. Minkler .... sound re-recording mixer (as Chris Minkler)
Steven Morrow (II) .... production sound mixer: second unit
Todd Orr .... sound re-recording mixer
Cindy Rabideau .... supervising sound editor
Adam Sawelson .... sound re-recording mixer
Mark Smith (V) .... sound re-recording mixer
Jon Taylor (I) .... sound re-recording mixer
Special Effects by
Bruce Minkus .... special effects coordinator
Visual Effects by
Miles Bellas .... digital artist
Christian Boudman .... digital compositor
John Decker (I) .... digital artist
Justin Hammond .... 3-D digital artist
Raji Kodja .... 3D artist: Kinetic FX
Bill Millar .... special visual effects
Loni Peristere .... visual effects supervisor
Michael Peterson .... visual effects supervisor: episode 2.04 "Inca Mummy Girl"
Julie Adair .... stunts: Paige Moss
Noby Arden .... stunt double: Buffy #2
John Ashker .... stunts
Jennifer Badger .... stunts (Cordelia stunt double) (Drusilla stunt double)
Ron Balicki .... stunts
Clayton J. Barber .... stunts (Angel stunt double)
Melissa Barker .... stunt double: Buffy
Cheryl Bermeo .... stunt double: Buffy's Sister
Erik Betts (I) .... stunts (uncredited)
Mark Chadwick .... stunts
Lauro Chartrand .... stunts
Edward Conna .... stunts (Angel stunt double) (Giles stunt double)
Sophia Crawford .... stunts (Buffy stunt double)
Jeffrey Eith .... stunts (Angel stunt double)
Dean Raphael Ferrandini .... stunt co-ordinator
Diana Lee Inosanto .... martial arts stunt double: Sarah Michelle Gellar
Mikal Kartvedt .... stunt double: High Priest, 2001 season
Hannah Kozak .... stunts
Christopher Leps .... stunts
Scott Leva .... stunts
Brad Martin .... stunt double: Angel
Mike Massa .... stunts (Angel stunt double) (Spike stunt double)
John Medlen .... stunt co-ordinator
Francine Morris .... stunts (Kendra stunt double)
Caryn Mower .... stunt double: Faith/other female vampires (uncredited)
Gloria O'Brien .... stunt double: Sunday
stunt double: Tara
Chris Palermo .... stunts
J.J. Perry .... stunts
Jeff Pruitt .... stunt co-ordinator
stunt double: Spike/Xander
Scott Rhodes (II) .... stunts
Michelle Sebek .... stunt double: Willow
Karen Sheperd .... stunts (Faith double)
Jeff Smolek .... stunt co-ordinator: season 1
Chad Stahelski .... stunts (Angel stunt double)
Steve Tartalia .... stunt double: Spike
Mary Torres (I) .... stunts
Banzai Vitale .... stunt double: Jonathan
Mark Aaron Wagner .... stunts (Xander stunt double)
Michele Waitman .... stunt double: Sarah Michelle Gellar
April Webster (I) .... stunts (Kendra stunt double)
Darlene Ava Williams .... utility stunts
Bani Yanagisawa .... stunts (Willow martial arts double)
Nancy Young (I) .... stunts (Cordelia stunt double)
Other crew
Jessica Aichs .... assistant production coordinator
production assistant
Kelly Akers .... script supervisor
Marc D. Alpert .... assistant to Gareth Davies
Claudia Alves .... assistant production coordinator
Donna Barrish .... costume supervisor (episode "Inca Mummy Girl")
David M. Burns .... production assistant (1998-1999)
Cathy Carr .... production coordinator
John Chickanis .... electrician
Herbert Davis .... camera operator
Steven S. DeKnight .... story editor (2001-)
Bob Ellis (II) .... transportation coordinator
Jane Espenson .... executive story editor (1998-1999)
Joseph L. Gonzalez .... electrician
Eyal Gordin .... camera operator
Chip Hall .... production assistant
Lonnie Hamerman .... casting associate
Robert Hudson (I) .... assistant editor
Rhonda Hyde .... script supervisor
Larry Kaster .... chief lighting technician
Tom Keefer .... key grip
Kathleen Keller (II) .... production coordinator (pilot episode)
Matt Kiene .... story editor (1997)
John C. King .... music supervisor (uncredited)
Rebecca Kirshner .... story editor (2001-)
Dan Kneece .... steadicam operator
Jordana Kronen .... location manager
Brad Martin .... fight coordinator
Russell McElhatton .... camera operator (as Russ McElhatton)
Jose Molina (I) .... assistant to Howard Gordon
Cobb Montgomery .... title designer
Raul Moreno (I) .... production assistant (1997)
Marti Noxon .... story editor (1997-1998)
Tony Olivieri .... first assistant steadicam operator
Robyn Owen .... casting associate
Charles Papert .... camera operator: "a" camera
steadicam operator
J.D. Peralta .... assistant to executive producer
production assistant
Edwin L. Perez .... production auditor
Douglas Petrie (I) .... executive story editor (1999-2000)
story editor (1998-1999)
R.D. Price .... assistant to David Greenwalt
Joe Reinkemeyer .... story editor (season 1)
Phyllis H. Saldutti .... production coordinator
Golda Savage .... assistant editor
David Scott (IX) .... electrician
George Snyder (II) .... assistant to Joss Whedon
David Neal Stewart .... electrician (1997-1998)
R. Michael Stringer .... grip
Brian Wankum .... post-production coordinator (1998-2000)
post-production supervisor (2000-)
Kelly Wheeler (II) .... assistant to Gareth Davies
Scott Wheeler (II) .... supervising animator
Mari Wilson .... script supervisor: second unit
Licia Wolf .... additional script supervisor
Amy Wolfram .... script coordinator
Gaston Wurth .... transportation